Tweeting is like whistling; the more you practice, the more your people will hear you.

Your next big Tweet is 8 mins of practice away. Watch how it works:

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Let's admit it. Writing online is hard.

If you're trying to bring attention to your product or service, articulating new ideas consistently and without fear of the blank canvas becomes friction towards your growth on Twitter.

You know that writing and sharing are essential parts of being a citizen of the internet, and you probably felt its impact.

You just need some help with your process.

Here's how Idea Bakery can help you leverage a process that'll work for you:


Set creative constraints with Ingredients

Ideas stem from ingredients. They are key words derived from your interests & experiences.

Combining two ingredients allows you to come up with multiple perspectives in a Session.


Timeboxed Sessions

We need to flush out the bad ideas before the good ones arrive. We'll attempt to write eight ideas, giving time for one minute per idea.

Limiting the time spent on a perspective will push our brains to explore divergent thoughts.


Get unstuck with Prompts

Prompts generated by Open AI's algorithm (GPT-3) will ask you thoughtful questions about your ingredients. You won't get stuck, even on bad days!


Make it better & Tweet it!

When you complete a session, you have a set of raw ideas. Rewrite it till your heart is content and Tweet!

You can also highlight any of the text to add as new ingredients.

Why did we build Idea Bakery?

Hey everyone—

Twitter is the best place to meet like-minded people on the internet. 

But we often struggled writing for it:

  • We struggled when it came to sharing ideas in different ways to see what resonates.
  • We struggled with the blank slate.
  • We struggled with being consistent. 
  • We struggled to catch our insights and raw ideas while working and turning them into perspectives worth sharing. 

It takes a lot of Tweeting to understand what resonates. 

To get to signal, you have to go through the noise. But we'll never get there or reap the benefits of what Twitter has to offer with a broken process. 

Writing is supposed to be fun and a joyous exercise in creativity and novel thinking; our answer to our struggles is Idea Bakery. 

By combining what we already know through our interests and experiences from building cool ideas, you can start creating perspectives worth sharing in less than 8 minutes on Idea Bakery. 

Secretly, it's also a tool for breaking through creative blocks. We took care of the blank slate, fear of starting stuff. 

We're excited about what Idea Bakery accomplished for us, and we hope you'll love it too!

Baked with care, Shavin & Mayun  Co-founders Very Bad Wizards
P.S. Idea Bakery is an open startup. Read the story here.

Ready to Bake?

If you value articulating ideas consistently, on your own time and getting better as a writer, Idea Bakery is for you.

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